Prayer for The Homeless

As sent to me from Carolyn in Minnesota:

Prayer For The Homeless

Bless those whose once soft, downy pillow has now morphed into the cold, bitter concrete.
Shelter those whose homes are now a tattered mosaic of cardboard boxes and pieces of plastic sheeting.
Watch over those who no longer live within the safe confines of a warm, loving home.
Sustain those whose stomaches growl as they search desperately through the city’s refuse cans for anything that once resembled food.
Dry the tears from the faces of those who stand on the precipice of losing all hope.
Protect these precious nomads from all hurt, harm and danger; please give them the stability that they seek in their lives.
Touch the hearts of those who can, to reach out and provide sustenance and encouragement for their debilitated bodies and somber spirits.
Let not our eyes or hearts turn away from seeing their painful faces; let us remember that while they have lost much, their humanity is still intact.
Comfort them in this, their hour of need, we pray…….

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