On A Bike and a Prayer


STA’s New Outreach Vehicle.  Seriously.

Today has been an interesting and pretty cool day for me personally.  Honestly, my health has been pretty poor for the last 3 years and the last year it has not been a fun ride shall we say and i have been trying to get back to being “me” again.   The last few days i felt horrible, today i felt good enough to take a ride.  

So, I decided to make this bicycle our new Outreach Vehicle for now, until we can obtain an outreach scooter or repair our van.  I think this is a good thing actually.   The bicycle allows me to stop and go, much easier and in areas not so easy with our van.  The only draw back for me is we cannot carry as much supplies, but there again is where i believe Jesus is telling me that i do not need as much supplies with me at one time like we did before.  Jesus is controlling it all this time (including my health), not me.  Jehovah knew, a great way to slow me down was to affect my health, and so He did.   Now He has placed Jesus back in charge of my activities.  :-))!

So, On A Bike and a Prayer, i set out today in order to make myself ride and get some exercise in.   I was looking for more then exercise however, i was looking for some answers.   Well, lots of em, but one in particular.  1) What do i do with this nonprofit Jehovah, which YOU gave me, what do i do?

Normally i go a specific route around about a 2 mile area just for exercise about 3 times per week, if i am able.  Today, i decided to do that plus go through a park where Pat and i have never been before to check it out.   As i went through, a scripture came to me i have been talking to Jehovah about alot lately.  An “exercise” i am learning from Joel Osteen.  I am learning to bring to Jehovah’s attention what HE says in the bible, HIS word.  And so i let HIM know about it and that i am expecting it and trying to do everything in my own power to help HIM make it easy for me to receive it.  Here is the scripture i keep reminding Jehovah that this is what HE promises (remember, i am working on improving my health):  Isaiah 40: 29-31  29)  He is giving to the tired one power; and to the one without dynamic energy he makes full might abound. 30)  Boys will both tire out and grow weary, and young men themselves will without fail stumble,  31)  but those who are hoping in Jehovah will regain power.  They will mount up with wings like eagles.  They will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not tire out.”

My bicycling is me doing my part and He is giving me the strength little by little to do it.   When we used the van, the van could be fairly intimidating to those we helped, this bicycle or even a scooter brings us closer, quieter, personal and much more simply.  Seems to me like Jesus does things, quiet, simple and personal.  Hmmmmmmm, interesting eh?

Ok, so i am in the park now on my Bike now in the park i mentioned and i begin my Prayer to Jehovah reminding him of the above scripture and me needing the strength and my health back, wanting to serve Him and Jesus.   I continue my ride around the park and meditate on that prayer for just a bit, the park is beautiful, i know Jesus is there, i can feel Him, Jehovah once again has sent Him, i do not give it another thought.  Knowing Jesus was there was enough.   No, no other answers just now….simply presence.

I continue on my ride leaving the park, back towards home about 3 miles away.  I decide for some reason to go the long way home.  Sheesh!  :-))!

Almost home i ride past a man rolling his suitcase and looking at his smartphone.  No, he is not in the picture, sorry.  I know he is heading towards the Greyhound Bus Depot nearby.  I wonder….am i to stop and see if he needs anything?  The answer came as no.  He excused himself as i came by and we said our hello’s.   Nothing more, weird i thought for a second.  I came to a vacant building very close to where we live, i went behind it simply to look out of curiosity.  What i found was a rather large area, a perfect area for a homeless camp and that is exactly what it was.  The area where we live is very busy.  Lots of shopping areas and many homeless walk all up and down our street, Gulf to Bay Blvd.

Please forgive me for dragging on, but this blog is all about my quest for a new outlook on how we will be operating our 501c3 nonprofit and not giving up on it.

(My Bike & one of the entrances to the camp)

As i look around this camp, i can feel the presence of someone in one of the thick bushes, they were resting so i did not disturb them and no, did not take a photo of them.  I walked around the area, soaking it all in and now knowing Jesus was once again directing me, as He has so many times before.  Except this time it was different, it was to show me and get me to think, get me to meditate on what was needed, what Jesus needed.   Hmmmm, i could feel it, again, just as so many times before, except before it was much more intense and the situations were extremely intense and fast.

(Some of someones left behind items)

Today, once again the message to me was of simplicity.  However,  Simple does not necessarily mean easy, it simply means simple, in Jesus’s way.  Quiet and Simple.  STA has always done things quietly as far as the general public is concerned, seeing the activities etc, BUT, our activities have not always been quiet for those we have been helping.  It has been often intense, hard and fast.  It worked, Jesus dorected it all and it worked.   However, it about killed me.  That has become obvious to me.

(Mattresses in this camp)

Jesus knows what i do, what He wants and who He has doing the work He needs done.  We, Pat and i, STA, although we have still been helping a few clients in Knoxville, TN for the last 3 years we have primarily been doing our nonprofit outreach work in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater FL area of Pinellas County and at times in Hillsborough County across the Bay.   It is HOT here as you know i am sure.  Sometimes it feels like Hell!  HA!  Get the pun there ?  Hehehe :-))!

(General Camp Area)

As i have stated recently in other blog articles here, our nonprofit work will focus on the more simple.   For starters less fuel will be used then was before.  Fuel has always been our highest expense other then motel stays for those we helped.  Even so, fuel still was more of a burden 90% of the time.

Sorry, i digress.   So as i rode out of this homeless camp area, approx 4 blocks from our house, Jesus placed in me STA’s job for the near future.  BTW, welcome back Jesus!  Sheesh!  Where ya been!  LOL  :-))!

(Entrance to a thick brush area providing a “secure” sleeping area)

Jesus gave me the direction, to provide water and simple sustenance to those we help and squeeze in His Fathers Word as often as we can.  BRING HIM HIS Sheep He says, and if we cannot bring them to Him at least do what we can for them.   As i said above, we are in Florida and it is getting to be summer, hot hot hot.

There ya go!  For now,  On a Bike and a Prayer,  that is how we/me/STA will be doing our work for the most part here in Clearwater, Florida.

When we have funds to do so or the product, STA will be bringing Water and Simple Sustenance such as fruit and nuts and at other times toiletries and other needed items to those we come across, those who Jesus directs us to…. Those will be:

1)  His Sheep that have gone astray
2)  Those who he feels are simply in need and He wants help for
3)  They may even be You
If you would like to help us Stock Up on our Outreach Items, Gift Cards are always the best and easiest way to help and may be mailed to us.  That way we can go find the items we need on sale and stock up easier.   Please go to my blog entitled STOCKING UP ON OUTREACH ITEMS on our WISH LIST page to see a few ideas and you may see the mailing address there also. 
 Gift Card Examples:   Walmart, Kmart, Target, Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway, Publix, Kroger, Aldi, Sweetbay, Winn-Dixie, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Hungry Howies, Dominoes, Papa Johns, Frays Donuts, Dunkin Donuts,  Panera Bread, Starbucks,   Fuel Cards such as:  Sunoco, Shell, Hess, Pilot, RaceTrac, Rally, Exxon-Mobil.
We also have an Amazon Wish List, Please Click on >>> Amazon.com WISH LIST if it is easier for you. 
Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read today!  Our Hope is Jesus and His Father Jehovah are in your lives today.
Lance Greene/Founder

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