Reason To Celebrate!


Now here is a view that i LOVE!!

That view my friends, is the view from the drivers seat of my wife Pat and mine personal 1995 Chevrolet Cargo van.   It is the van we use for literally ALL of our Straight Ahead Outreach-Taking Back Your Life Inc. (STA) activities.  The transmission failed on it last September 2011 and has been down ever since, until last week.  That is until a generous donor mailed us a check for $1000.00 towards the repair of the transmission.   He wanted to see us get “Back On The Road Again” as he put it.  The total repairs cost us $1563.00 at a local transmission shop here in St. Petersburg,  Florida called American Transmission of Pinellas Inc.  They were fair and very efficient, getting us back on the road quickly.

CELEBRATE INDEED!  :-))!  Not in a party sort of way, but in a WOW! We Can Work Again! sort of way.  Again, smiles….:-))!  :-))!  :-))!

In addition to this donation we took out a loan of $600.00 to help cover the balance of the repair.   All in all, everything turned out excellent and STA is indeed “Back On The Road Again!”.

Another favorite view of mine :-))!

Our Outreach Van is an integral part of what we do as STA.  It is one of our most important tools.  Without it, i personally feel lost.   With it, we are able to get an extreme amount of things accomplished.  We will still do outreach activities on our bicycle too however as it helps to save on fuel.

The value of this van to STA far outweighs its resale value.  238,000 miles on it and now able to work again!

Words cannot describe how excited we are to have the van back and the appreciation we feel to this recent donor.   I am hoping we will get a chance to return the favor……  :-))!

Last year we received a $750.00 donation to help pay towards the insurance on the van from another generous donor.  Another extremely generous and stress relieving donation.

These types of donations are sorely needed to help STA continue its work helping others.  Monthly donations are greatly appreciated.  (no mt)

We have a small handful of donors like these who help STA as they can.   We would appreciate new donors to help our current donors in making a difference.

Can You come on board and help with even a $1.00,  $5.00 or $15.00 Donation please?  Will You help us to continue our work today?  If you can please click on the PayPal Secure Donate button below.

Another way to help is to donate Gift Cards for Fuel Stations, Grocery Stores, Department Stores and Restaurants.  please see our Contact page for mailing address.

Before i leave, i would like to once again make our appreciation very clear to our recent donor for their $1000.00 donation to repair our Outreach Vans transmission.   This donation does more then simply “repair” the van.  Your donation has provided much needed piece of mind and relieved a great deal of stress for both myself and Pat.  We Thank You in Jesus’s name.

 Let it be You Today!  

Thank You!

 Lance Greene/Founder

3 thoughts on “Reason To Celebrate!

  1. Right?! It’s like sleeping in your own bed. The others are okay, and get the job done, but there is nothing like being in your own. I have kept every one of my vehicles until they couldn’t be fixed anymore & had to be hauled away to the boneyard. And I cried every time I watched them going. ;?)

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