Thank You Texas and Minnesota for Fuel Donations!!



Straight Ahead Outreach received  $25.00  today from Texas toward fuel in our Mobile Crisis Outreach Van.    THANK YOU again Michael!  Thats the 2nd time in a month!  Thank you for your blessings!  It may not seem a lot to you, i am not sure.  But i can honestly tell you, it is a lot to us.  To me.  To those we help.

In addition we received today notice of a pending Donation towards fuel of $50.00 from Minnesota!!  (Where i happen to be from)  :-))!    And this also happens to be from someone by the name of Mike!  This person also helped us get our Mobile Crisis Outreach Van back on the road by donating $1000.00 at the end of April towards the repair of the vans transmission.  Without Mike from Minnesota’s donation we would not be able to do what we have done in May and now June and even this week, today and tomorrow.  He simply does not know the IMPACT he has made for our organization.  I wish he did.  THANK YOU AGAIN Mike!!

I know this may be difficult to understand or believe, but here goes…..

Whether it is $5.00,  $25.00,  $50.00,  $1000.00 or more, when you have Zero Dollars…each and every dollar makes a huge impact for Straight Ahead Outreach.  

For example, the $1000.00 we received in April to repair our vans transmission was life saving for our org and is enabling us to get to one of our Friends In Need tomorrow to pick him up from jail in Pinellas County, FL and bring him somewhere to stay, get him some clothes, let him see his baby daughter and help begin the steps to him Taking Back His Life and mending his family.  It will involve a good amount of travel, time and energies as we do not know yet where he will be staying or able to stay.   It is a very long story.  ** We would not have been able to go to Court in Hillsborough County on May 30th all day for another Friend In Need we have known for approx 1.5 years and speak on his behalf and provide transportation to his girlfriend back home to St. Petersburg, FL at the end of the day.  *** That also provided me/STA an additional 2 hours to talk to his girlfriend and provide some Hope to her .  **** Her boyfriend was released the following day.  ***** It also enabled STA to answer an Emergency Call at 10:00pm on a night in May which ended up involving 3 Pinellas County FL. Sheriff’s and 4 Pinellas Park FL Police Officers.  It was an intense night.  All turned out well.  The van came in reallllllllll handy.  Without our Outreach Van, we/STA would have had to turn down the call.   

All that is priceless and awesome and soooooo appreciated i cannot begin to explain and all these words are not enough.

BUT BUT BUT!   Without Gasoline, that repaired van goes nowhere.  Used or brand new it would not matter. That makes your $25.00, the $50.00, the $10.00 or even the $5.00 just as important and impactful as they make it possible for us to have the fuel we need in the van for multitude of situations.

I hope our Donors understand this.  We need every dollar as we are very small but also impactful just as you are.  We use every dollar to help those in need.

It costs over $70.00 to fill our Outreach Van with gas.  That can go in one long 17 or 24 hour day of travel around our area, easily.  No, that does not happen every day.  But it has in the past.  In 2010 and the first part of 2011 and i feel it is on track to be a busy 2012.  

If you are in the position to help us stay on the road will you help today?

Thank you ALL, Thank YOU Michael of Texas and Mike of Minnesota!!  Without you, Straight Ahead Outreach would not be having a busy, impactful 2012.  ****P.S.  the Coin Jug had $55.00 in it.  – With that and your donations Mike & Mike we are good for the rest of the week.   God is in a good mood eh Mike W.???  :-))!


Thank You!

Lance Greene/Founder

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