Pinellas County FL! Beds, Dishes, Pots & Pans & More needed

***As of 11-23-2013 this is no longer needed.  Thank You!

Beds, Table, Dishes, Pots & Pans Needed….


We have a young (now formerly homeless family) moving into the first home of their own as a family today in St. Petersburg FL and they are in need of a number of items

Put it this way, they basically have nothing 

They are a married 23 & 25 year old couple with a 2.5 year old daughter

Today we are bringing them a sectional couch, television, stereo, a few dishes, a microwave, and a few other supplies

They are needing basically everything else for their new forever home

Dining room table and chairs

2 beds, one queen and one twin

Sheets, pillow cases & blankets

Towels both for bath and kitchen

Dishes, glasses, cups, pots & pans

Cleaning supplies

Clothing, mens and womens


We will pick up any items within Pinellas County in good condition which you would like to gift to this family.

Please email me at, or call or text me (Lance) at 727-288-1545

If you would rather make an Impact Donation and ask us to make a purchase on their behalf, you may click the red “Make an Impact Now!” seal below.

Thank you!

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