A Call for Help From Los Angeles to St. Pete Florida

***UPDATE as of 6/24/2013: Success!  This man obtained his own ticket from a family member!  THAT’S the way it should be done.  

1 hour ago we received a call from a man in Los Angeles California.

He he is homeless, homeless 2 months now evidently

He states he is a Veteran A Disabled Veteran

He states he has a home to come to if he can get to St. Petersburg, Florida

A home with a family member

I believe his “need” for 2 reasons….

1)  Jesus is directing me to do so


2)  The homeless man told me things about his situation that he would not need to tell me

English: Español: Bus Greyhound desde Chicago ...

English: Español: Bus Greyhound desde Chicago hasta Los Angeles Italiano: Autobus Greyhound da Chicago a Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He is needing help with obtaining a Greyhound Bus Ticket to make the trip.

The price right now for Greyhound’s Web fare price is currently $188

If we are able to provide this with Your Help STA will be glad to pick this man up from the Greyhound Bus Depot and get him to where he needs to live with his family member.

That is called Preventing Homelessness, thanks to a family member of his.

Can you help with this specific need now Please?

100% of your Donation will go to this need

$188 or any amount please, if you donate more we will make sure he has some food too

Bringing Hope Provided By Jesus to Those In Need

Doing it Simply, Simply Doing It

(PAYPAL SECURE & Tax deductible under the 501c3 Tax Code)

Straight Ahead Outreach(Taking Back Your Life) Inc. (STA),  is Incorporated in both Tennessee and Florida

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GreyHound Ticket Info: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 2013

Departure: Los Angeles, CA
Arrival: St Petersburg, FL

Departing Arriving Travel Time Transfers ADVANCED
02:45 PM
Wed, 06/26
08:20 AM
Sat, 06/29
2D, 14H, 35M 4 N/A $188.301 $269.00 $299.00
5 Standard fare(s) left at this time.


11:35 PM
Wed, 06/26
04:45 PM
Sat, 06/29
2D, 14H, 10M 5 N/A $188.301 $269.00 $299.00


Inmate Release this Thursday….to Knoxville TN….

***5/9/2013 – Time ran out for STA to be able to assist this family.  Due to lack of both organizational and personal funds, STA was unable to help this family and had to turn both the Pinellas County jail and the family down.  Severely saddening.

Yesterday morning, 5/6/2013, Straight Ahead Outreach-Taking back Your Life Inc. (STA) received another call from a Social Worker at the Pinellas County Jail asking us to assist with another inmate release this coming Thursday.

Straight Ahead Outreach(STA) is barely hanging on….but we could not say no to this request since the person involved hails from where our organization originates.

Knoxville, TN.

We have requested some assistance from Knoxville TN donors but we do not take that for granted so we are reaching out to all.

We would like to raise a minimum of $250 and a max of $500 for this need. Please make a donation today, anything helps as it all adds up.   It would pay for a bus ticket home for this inmate and groceries for his family and children.  He and his spouse are young, 24 & 26 years old with a 2 year old boy and a 1 year old girl.

                                 (PayPal Secure & Tax Deductible) 

Below is a listing of how $500 would be utilized for this family:

1) $175.00 – Purchase of refundable Greyhound bus ticket, we buy refundable ones in case something happens.

2) $25.00 – For his food etc on the bus trip

3) $275.00 – To purchase a Food City, Kroger, Walmart or Publix Gift Card so the family has some groceries and supplies to give them a little head start lift.

4) $25.00 – for gasoline in our STA Mobile Crisis Outreach van to pick him up from the County Jail and to escort him to the Greyhound bus station and or other areas as needed before he gets on the bus.

STA provides critical services in the communities in which we operate or where ever we may be.  One of the things we do is escort inmates being released from jail who have no one else to be there for them or help them.

This is an extremely valuable service to you the General Public, because you never know where these inmates may be coming home to……

It could be Your community.

STA does not have a facility, we are a 100% mobile, Mobile Crisis Outreach Unit.

We do not require those we help to get to us.  We go to them. We do What Ever It takes.

In this case, we will greet the inmate on this Thursday as he comes out of jail at 5:00am and spend the next 1-5 days with him depending on when we can get him a Greyhound bus ticket home to Knoxville, TN.

Our goal is to keep him safe and out of trouble and above all to make a strong impact on his life in a very short time via Jesus Christ and His Father God.

We will Provide him Hope In Jesus’ name through direct conversation about his(the inmate) life and life choices and give him direction and ideas on how to stay on a path “Straight Ahead” so he and his family can “Take Back Their Life.”  STA does not want this inmate to come out of jail and become homeless.  We want him to go home where he is wanted and needed with his family.  He also has a construction job waiting for him.  

That’s Huge!

STA in these cases has a very brief time to accomplish this and we can do so only by the grace of Jesus Christ and His Father.

It works well.

Please….Will You help us Help this inmate and his family succeed?

Please make a donation now.  Anything helps as it all adds up.

 Providing Hope In Jesus’s name…Doing What Ever It Takes

                               (PayPal Secure & Tax Deductible) 
            Plain and Simple Fact.  We rely on folks like You for funds. 
                  Folks like You rely on folks like us to do the work.  

Charity Needs Help With a GreyHound Bus Ticket to Arizona…

***UPDATE: 2/28/2013 – 8:54pm – STA helped assist in obtaining a bus ticket for this inmate and kept him close to us for two days(yesterday and today) until we put him on the Greyhound Bus tonight at 5:40pm to go home to Arizona.  He will do well.  Jesus is with him.

I have stated so many times here, that the work we do and your donations to our organization are important to you, to your community, anywhere in the United States, because the people who are in need that we help here at STA may very well be on the doorstep of your community tomorrow.  Literally.

Case in Point for you…

STA has been asked once again to help with an inmate being released from a local jail tomorrow morning Wednesday, 2/27/2013.  He will be sent to a local shelter here and I am asked to help make sure he is ok, stays safe and gets on a Greyhound Bus home to where his Mother is in Arizona on March 4th.

Why are we being asked?  Because they know they can count on us to make an impact.

Ours, STA’s job and goal will be to make as strong an impact as possible in the short time we will have on this young man being released. 

We will transport him and go with him to get his Greyhound bus ticket and then once again we will go with him when he is to get the bus to home in Arizona.

Bottom line…..the impacts we make on him will affect his mood and his actions when he arrives home to Arizona.  Help us help him to be ok.

If extra funds are received towards his Greyhound Bus ticket, we will apply any extra to a basic phone for him and minutes for it and to clothing or food as needed. 

So, no matter where you are, or where you live, your Donations to Straight Ahead Outreach-Taking Back Your Life Inc. (STA) can and will make a difference even in your community, like Arizona in this case.

So please donate to help with this need today. 

If you are in Arizona, it is especially in your best interest.

$254.00 is needed for the ticket to insure that it is refundable in case something happens.  If something happens where this individual does not make the bus, then STA will refund the donations to the donors who provided them.

Please Donate Now.  Thank you!

Providing Hope In The Midst of Crisis in Jesus name

Doing What Ever It Takes

 (PayPal Secure & Tax Deductible 501c3 Nonprofit Public Charity) 


KNOXVILLE TN PLEASE HELP! Help With Bus Ticket Needed! « Straight Ahead Outreach

****10/24/2012 @ 8:10pm – We have just been informed that this has been obtained by the person who was in need.  He found family members he did not know were available in Knoxville!   

COOL!  :-))!

KNOXVILLE TN PLEASE HELP! Help With Bus Ticket Needed! « Straight Ahead Outreach.

KNOXVILLE TN PLEASE HELP! Help With Bus Ticket Needed!



****10/24/2012 @ 8:10pm – We have just been informed that this has been obtained by the person who was in need.  He found family members he did not know were available in Knoxville!   

COOL!  :-))!


We received two calls today from Knoxville, TN in need of urgent assistance.

The following is the first of those calls.

A 33 year old man is staying at the local mission in Knoxville, TN and homeless for the last 3 weeks is in need of a Greyhound bus ticket to get back home to Lima, OH where his mother is in the hospital.

What ever the reason is really doesn’t matter.  

Bottom line is he does not want to be homeless in Knoxville.  He has family in Lima, OH.  

Thats where he needs to be.

Will you help us help him get back home?

The Greyhound ticket is just under $100.00, so we are asking for $100.00 total to be sure we are covered.

Will you please help right now?

We are trying to make this happen ASAP.

We Thank You in advance.

Providing Hope In The Midst of Crisis, in Jesus’s name

Help Someone Take back Their Life Today!

Thank you,

Lance Greene/Founder

GreyHound Bus Ticket Needed in Knoxville TN…..



STA received a call last night of an urgent nature from Knoxville TN.  

In a nutshell we are needing to raise $183.00  for a Bus Ticket from Knoxville, Tn to Muskogee, OK.

A man went to Knoxville TN for work from Oklahoma and it turned out the work was not as promised.  He is now trapped, out of money and without anywhere to stay, homeless in Knoxville trying to get assistance.

The mans wife called me last night after being denied by and referred to us by a few other organizations in town.  She is simply trying to get her husband home.

They are simply people in need.  They are simply another example.

100% of the $183.00 will go to purchase the ticket.

If you can help please do so, so we may get this man back home before something happens to derail his life further.

You can Help Prevent Homelessness.  

You can do exactly that right now.

***In your donation please place a note stating:  “BUS” so we apply it properly.


Providing Hope In The Midst of Crisis, in Jesus’s name

Help Someone Take back Their Life Today!